Our company provides translation services working exclusively with translators certified by the Ministry of Justice, selected and tested from the beginning of our activity in the field, who earned more and more experience enabling them to reach the quality and accuracy level proper to the official translation (being able to produce the most accurate translations), as well as the promptness in delivering the translations in compliance of the deadlines, meeting thus the requirements of the most exigent customers.

Apart from the flawless quality of the translations carried out by the most highly-trained certified translators, the services we provide have two fundamental qualities: coping with tight deadlines and more than competitive prices, therefore guaranteeing the advantage of an optimum quality/price ratio.

With our help, you can obtain a translation from/into any foreign language, regardless of the field (including technical, legal, medical field, etc.), as fast as possible.

The standard page consists of 2000 characters with spaces (approximately 300 words), whereas for study degrees, criminal records, certificates, etc., the standard page is considered to be the equivalent of the physical page. The translation price also includes proofreading services (the translation is double-checked by another translator as to assure the proper accuracy).

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